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Helping Pastors and Parents lead their herds.

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Jason was watching an episode of National Geographic and watched as a pride of lions surrounded 2-3 baby elephants. Expecting to see something tragic, he saw something inspiring: the herd of elephants came crashing in for the rescue. They knocked the lions out of the way and then surrounded the babies. They began to stomp their feet to scare away the lions. If a lion tried to run in, they would be trampled by their massive feet. Even in the presence of dangerous predators, elephants fight for their young.​

We want to protect our kids, but we need to recognize the true enemy and it isn't the world. The world is a product of our enemy, not our enemy itself. Isolation isn't Biblical. We are called to be aliens, not hermits. 


Our true enemy is a lion, seeking whom he may devour. It is our job to gather our herd and  protect our children until they can stand on their own. Parents have the responsibility to grow and develop their children into Godly men and women. The church is responsible to stand with them and resource them. When we do this, our herd begins to stomp its feet. Predators don't stand a chance when the herd is on the move.


To help us on this mission, we have provided some resources for parents and pastors to help lead their herd and develop their children into men and women who will follow Jesus and eventually lead their own herds.